Talent Acquisition

Process of identifying, attracting, selecting, and retaining highly qualified people

Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition involves a key part of the employee journey and is arguably one of the most important drivers of organizational success.

Finding the right candidate for a specific position can be challenging. Therefore, to ensure long-term success, attracting and retaining top talent is essential, and that’s where talent acquisition can help you.

Talent acquisition responsibilities include developing a strong candidate pipeline, developing employer branding, identifying, assessing, and hiring candidates to fill open positions, future resource planning, and diversifying the labor force. Doing this well leads to lower turnover, higher productivity, and increased engagement.

The talent acquisition strategy should align with the people strategy (or HR strategy). In turn, this strategy aligns with the broader organizational strategy.

Over time, the talent acquisition function has developed. In most organizations, it is now a separate team or a part of the HR department and has become an essential part of people strategies.

Talent Acquisition vs Recruitment:

The terms talent acquisition, recruitment, strategic recruitment, and corporate recruitment are often used interchangeably. While talent acquisition and recruitment share the same primary goal of filling open positions in an organization, there are some notable differences.

Talent acquisition is a more strategic, long-term process aimed at finding highly qualified employees for hard-to-fill roles and anticipating future staffing needs.

In contrast, recruitment tends to be the short-term, operational task of filling vacancies. Recruiters generally hire for positions that are always needed or are not expected to be difficult to fill. Conversely, talent acquisition requires more time and planning to understand the different roles and departments, as well as the unique set of skills and experience required to succeed in each position.

Talent acquisition also includes strategic recruitment, employer branding, recruitment process optimization, recruitment process outsourcing, and much more.

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